Find a Home Refinancing Specialist in Hibbing, MN

Our loan officer can help you achieve your financial goals

Your financial situation has changed since you bought your house in Hibbing, MN. Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage faster, or perhaps you'd like to reduce your interest rate. If you need help refinancing a loan, look to us.

Our home refinancing specialist will take the time to answer your questions in detail. We can walk you through the process or just provide you with the forms so you can fill them out yourself. Call Craig LiaBraaten Home Loans Minnesota now to get started.

We work with homeowners throughout Minnesota.


See what you could accomplish when you refinance your mortgage

Our loan officer will consult with you about your goals and find the refinancing plan that's right for you. Refinancing a loan can allow you to:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Reduce the term of your mortgage
  • Pull equity out of your home to pay off other debts

Want to learn more about the benefits of home refinancing? Contact us today to speak with a refinancing specialist.